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Features, Updates & Bugfixes 15/05/2017
Update: We are back with improvements! During these last months we have been keeping everything up to date (although isn't specified here!).
Feature: Automatic unsubscriptions.
Updates: New tools icons and with better quality.
Updates: Improved legal page.
Updates: New Dropbox, Drive, share and remove buttons.
Features, Updates & Bugfixes 10/05/2016
Feature: Added PDF to WORD, PDF to EXCEL, PDF to POWERPOINT.
Feature: Error page now helps to find why files can't be processed
Updates: Improved Merge PDF, Split PDF, Office to PDF, Rotate PDF performance, speed and file support.
Updates: Increased file size limits for OFFICE to PDF. 4MB->10MB (Non Registered), 10MB->15MB (Registered), 30MB->40MB (Premium).
Bugfix: Fixed Rotate PDF, it had a small bug from 28/04/16 until 04/05/16.
Updates & Bugfixes 16/03/2016
Bugfix: Fixed JPG to PDF conversion for some types of JPG images.
Updates: Improved PDF merge and split support.
Updates: Improved page speed load time (even more!).
Updates & Bugfixes 14/03/2016
Bugfix: Fixed some issues with Office to PDF converter.
Bugfix: Fixed error when saving in Drive or Dropbox when the resulting file was zipped.
Updates: Added Bulgarian language.
Updates: Improved header design & improved page speed load time.
Updates: English texts improved.
Updates: New icons for homepage.
Updates: Improved browser detection.
Updates & Bugfixes 24/02/2016
Bugfix: Fixed a problem for some PDF files smaller than 4KB that caused an error when processed.
Updates: Added new texts in some languages.
Bugfixes 15/11/2015
Bugfix: Now corrupted JPG images are repaired if possible and enhanced compatibility with some kinds of PDF.
Update & Bugfixes 09/11/2015
Update: Just improved our servers to allow quicker processings. Compress a PDF now can take up a 50% less time!
Bugfix: We had some problems reported during 10 minutes at 17:00 UTC. The issue has been fixed.
Bugfixes & Feature 31/07/2015
Bugfix: Fixed problem with PDF page limit in split PDF when PDF weights more than 200MB.
Bugfix: In list view now the arrows do not appear twice when mouseover.
Feature: When mouse over the name of a file now appears the complete filename for better view.
Report 06/07/2015
Report: There were some connection problems to reach our servers from Colombia.
Report: The problem has been resolved after 24 hours. All connections up!
Update 23/06/2015
Update: Added portuguese language.
Bufix 26/05/2015
Bugfix: Resolved a problem with some kind of images when stamped in a PDF in Watermark service.
Bufixes 25/05/2015
Bugfix: Resolved some problems with a very particular type of PDF files.
Bugfix: Add image watermark as mosaic now works as expected.
New services & bufixes 15/05/2015
New services: Add page numbers, add watermark, rotate PDF and unlock PDF.
Bugfix: Sometimes ad banners for premium users were visible on download page, it has been fixed.
Bugfix: Now, if a corrupted file and a password protected file are uploaded at the same time it does not crash.
Bugfix: Sometimes ad banners for premium users were visible on download page, it has been fixed.
Bugfix: European VAT check when TAX ID was entered now works as expected.
Bugfix: Corrections for Russian language in Compress Service.
Bugfix 24/04/2015
Bugfix: Restored Excel to PDF service, that was having issues during last 24h. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Bugfix 20/04/2015
Bugfix: Restored compression ratio selector. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Update 18/04/2015
Update: Added Japanese language.
Features 27/03/2015
Feature: Now, you can choose the compression level when compressing PDF files.
Feature: Add services into your Chrome browser by clicking the top right button on every service page.
Bugfixes 23/03/2015
BugFix: Fixed problem with conversion from OFFICE to PDF. System was down from 11:00UTC until 11:50UTC, sorry for the inconvenience.
BugFix: Fixed problem with some PDF password protected documents compatibility.
Bugfixes & Updates 20/03/2015
Update: Added German language!
Report: Restored compatibility for old IE browsers and others that worked with Flash (didn't worked during last 24hours).
BugFix: Fixed problem with compatibility with some PDF files.
Bugfix: Fixed problem with lost internet connections.
BugFix: Various minor fixes and improvements.
Update 12/03/2015
BugFix: Fixed problem with compatibility with PDF 1.3.
Update: All services seem to work properly after the new deployment
iLovePDF version 2.0 11/03/2015
New version of iLovePDF released
iLovePDF version 1.x old logs from 26/02/2010 until 14/02/2015
  • Feature: added chinese (simplified) and chinese (traditional) languages
  • Update: ilovepdf servers have been udpated. Now we can offer a quicker service.
  • Report: ilovepdf servers had a problem due a hard disk failure. Service has been unavaiable from 18:00 until 00:00 UTC. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Report: ilovepdf server has been updated causing a 'Page not found error' issue, this has been resolved. Service has been unavaiable from 2:00 until 11:00 UTC. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Report: ilovepdf service has been moved to a different and better server. If you experience any problem please report to us
  • Report: System has been down for 30 minutes due a PHP upgrading from 5.2 to 5.3. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Bugfix: An error with timezones between php and MySql caused file deleting at wrong times and causing wrong file downloads. The problem has been fixed. Thanks for all the reports recieved today :). 
  • Feature: Added premium subscription with better features
  • Feature: Added functionality to order selected PDF files to merge
  • Feature: 8MB limit per file now is 80MB for all uploaded PDF files
  • Feature: Download link active time upgraded from 15 minutes to 60 minutes
  • Feature: Maximum downloads per file is 5
  • Feature: Optimitzed page load speed
  • Bugfix: Special caracters in PDF names such as apostrophe were causing errors when uploaded. Error has been fixed.
  • Feature: PDF Uploader has been updated and improved
  • Report: the service for split pdf had some redirection problems from 16:00 UTC until 22:30 UTC, the problem has been resolved.
  • Report: the service has been partially unavaiable during 09/10/10, 10/10/10 and 11/10/10 due a problem with DNS of, sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Feature: Added Donations
  • Feature: Added Adsense
  • Feature: Added facebook Like Button
  • Feature: Added French language
  • Bugfix: IE6 javascript runtime error in merge page fixed
  • Bugfix: service has been down for 10 hours (from 1:07 until 11:20 UTC) due a server space check conflict, we fixed it and we apologise for the inconvenience
  • Bugfix: calculation of total filesize selected fixed
  • Bugfix: various corrections of catalan language
  • Feature: added this log file
  • Bugfix: added metas in password page controller
  • Feature: added italian language
  • Feature: added catalan language
  • Bugfix: if no input file or if file is 0kb no action
  • Feature: if PDF file processing fails, try to repair PDF
  • Feature: processing encrypted files with password
  • Bugfix: some translation corrections Feature: force www
  • Bugfix: 2 split ranges allowed fixed, now 10 split ranges allowed Bugfix: 16 minutes of file life corrected to 15 minutes
  • Feature: info about time left and uploading speed while uploading a file
  • Feature: contact form for errors or info Feature: maximum actions per minute and IP is 3
  • Feature: changed default javascript alerts for a jquery alerts (lightbox style)
Site launching Version 1.0 26/02/2010
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